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Welcome to the Board Alley Homepage.  We specialize in custom, personalized gift boards for military service members.  To see products like the ones above and many more, click on one of the gallery links in the menu.

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If your Command would like to give their departing senior personnel something more useful than another plaque to add to the ones already in storage, click here to request our Media Kit, to find out how to become a Board Alley Command Level Customer.

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Our Mission

At Board Alley, we want to provide our customers with that one-of-a-kind personalized gift that can be used, and then passed down to future generations.  That's why we use only solid hardwood for our boards.  In fact, all the parts, including the internal parts of the Admiral's Board, are made from either metal or hardwood.  The parts used were chosen because of their durability, resistence to corrosion, and/or aesthetic value.  We could find no better compliment in the world for our company, than to receive a new customer on the recommendation of a satisfied customer.


Prospective Owners

Bullet Is your spouse a Chief selectee, and you're looking for that special gift?
Bullet Is your spouse an Officer about to receive their first Warship Command?
Bullet Is your spouse getting ready to retire, and you want to get them that one-of-a-kind gift to mark this mile-stone?
Bullet Is your son or daughter getting ready to go on that first deployment?
Bullet Are you a Plank Owner?
Bullet Are you a proud military cribbage player?


Contact Information

If you are intrigued by our products, then proceed to one of our Gallery pages. Cribbage Gallery or Awards Gallery.  To insure quality, and avoid errors, we have a form that our customers can fill out and either print and mail, or submit.  If you are calling us, be advised, we are located on the east coast of the United States of America.

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